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Sign up for the Club

The Complete Redwall Club will be the essence of this page! Fill in the form to sign up. This will put a cookie on your computer. If you don't know about all that, this is all you need to know:
  1. Cookies are bits of information on your hard-drive
  2. No matter what scare-stories people may have fed you, cookies can't contain viruses because they are plain text!
  3. This particular cookie lasts 2 months and is updated every time you log-on
  4. You can't access the club on another computer(sorry, might change that sometime)
  5. The Club is password protected so little brothers or sisters can't be pests in your name
  6. You must have JavaScript enabled to sign up for and use the club
Lets get started!
What is your (Redwall) name?(also login name)
What creature are you(other than human)?
What is your email address?
Kitchen hand/cook
A retired warrior nattering on about the old days
What will you be in the Abbey?
What do you want as your password?