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What's Redwall?

The Redwall series is a brilliant set of books written by Brian Jacques (pronounced Brian Jakes) starring badgers,moles,rabbits,hares,mice,rats,foxes, otters,ferrets,hedgehogs,hawks,weasels,shrews,cats,sqirrels,stoats,owls,lizzards, frogs,toads,sparrows,eagles,etc,etc,etc.

(phew!Try saying that in one breath!)


Order to read the books

A litle bit more about the books

How I found out about the books

A warning if you decide not to read them

The Author (Brian Jacques)

Order to read the books:

Redwall (1986)
Mossflower (1988)
Mattimeo (1989)
Mariel of Redwall (1991)
Salamandastron (1992)
Martin the Warrior (1993)
The Bellmaker (1994)
Outcast of Redwall (1995)
The Great Redwall Feast (1996)
The Pearls of Lutra (1996)
The Long Patrol (1997)
Marlfox (1998)
The Legend of Luke (1999)
Lord Brocktree (2000)
A Redwall Winter's Tale (Autumn 2001)
This is the order in which they were - or will be - published(see dates in brackets). It is a good idea to read them that way. Go back to table of contents

A bit more info about the books

The Redwall series is set in a sort of midiaeval time in a world completely occupied by woodland animals that talk and act perfectly human.The first books' characters are free roaming animals fighting tyrants and the like but in the next books they build an abbey called Redwall Abbey (called thus because of the redstone walls) which the name Redwall series came from.The books are very well written and once you pick 'em up and read them it is hard to stop.(Truly, I'm not being one of those stupid book reporters that must have a colection of phrases in a file like "could not put it down" or "best book I have ever read").
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How I found out about Redwall

I was walking through the library with no books to read as I had for the past weeks. I knew what type of book I wanted, "woodland creatures,fighting with swords and the like" was the description when I suddenly saw a book, I picked it up wondering if it was a good book. It was Martin the Warrior (so it had to be a good book but I didn't know that then) I thoght hmmm I might as well borrow that and I took it home and when I read it.....WOW.It was just what I wanted. The End Go back to table of contents

A warning if you decide not to read them

From what I have said so far Redwall may sound gory and bloodthirsty.No,they are not like that.The creatures of the books are peaceloving.Try a book (preferably Redwall as it is the first) and e-mail me at and tell me what you think.
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A bit about the Author

The author is someone called Brian Jacques (pronounced "Jakes") who is a good author. He grew up in Liverpool and was such a good author that when he wrote a story for his teacher he was caned for lying that he wrote it when it was thought too good for someone his age to write.

You can write to him at:

L18 3NZ

He answers every letter he receives but it may take a long time for him to get to your letter. So be patient.
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Many thanks to The Official Redwall Site for much of the information on this page.